Research on Smart Card Types, Security and Programming


Researcher: Sarah Hai
Azad University Tehran Central Branch

Supervisor: Mr. Rafi Allameh
Senior Lecturer & Faculty Member,
Azad University Tehran Central Branch

Smart Cards have been in use in their basic form since 1970 in various parts of the world and have a wide range of applications like ID cards, Banking, Electronic Locks, Medical Records etc…. It is estimated that at present there are about two billions of them in use around the world.

This Undergraduate Project is concerned with a comprehensive look at various aspects of Smart Cards like researching on various types of card in use ( contact and contact less), structure ( EEPROM, processor type etc..), Standards ( ISO 7816, EMV etc…), protocols, security issues ( like channel attack), cryptography, operating systems, new applications and programming to name but a few.

 The project aims  to develop a program for logging on an MS Windows computer on to a network.



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